Physical Pre & Post Therapy Program

In our pre and post therapy program, we screen players for their risk of injury. Then document a list of impaired postural faults, movements/bio-mechanics, strengths/weaknesses and flexibility that, if not addressed, could lead to higher risks of injury. We will then create a program for those individuals to correct these impairments that will lead to stronger, healthier and more stable mobility. Thus, lowering the overall risk of injury, especially those stemming from overuse. Increases in strength and endurance of joints and the muscles involved can also be transferred to improvements in bio-mechanics that could increase player’s abilities.


We will show the athletes how to perform exercises and we can train them to ensure they are doing them correctly.   Our goal for this will be to identify any players at risk for injury and provide a safe and effective recovery program that can be done independently to help prepare players for future activities.

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